About project

This project, entitled " Teenagers in Europe - different places, common faces" was created by 8 European schools interested in achieving the same common goals: through joint work of students in all schools knowledge of cultural diversity will be developed and documented, knowledge of European languages expanded, the value systems of different cultures examined by both students and teachers participating in the project. The idea of 'European Citizenship' will be particularly promoted by getting to know each other better and finding values common to all European Union inhabitants and understanding, accepting, and where appropriate, diminishing the differences which divide cultures and nations. The key to success in this regard will be joint work with common goals.

The students' joint work on the Project will be carried out on the Internet, student chats and video-conferencing (conducted in English, French and German). Students will not only increase their knowledge of languages but also of the application of new information and communication technologies, in particular through ODL (outside distance learning) formats. The end product of the collaboration will be the publication of a multi-lingual "Teenager's Guide" to partnership regions, published in print as well as on a specially prepared Project web site. This work will present the results of the students' work, their method of implementing the project and its effects in each school.