Our partners


“Joan Ekzarh” Foreign Languages High School – general secondary school. Public.
Chaika, 9010 Varna
Website: http://5eg.org

Joan Ekzarh Foreign Languages High School is profiled in foreign languages: English, German and French. There are over 900 students in 35 classes of 25 to 28 each. The basic foreign language is studied during the 5 years of education in a total of 1572 lessons alongside the compulsory subjects on the national curriculum, two of which are taught in English in the course of one to two years. All students also study a second foreign language for 4 years in about 550 lessons. The school ranks in the first 15-25 in the country as per national classification of students’ overall academic achievements and performances at national competitions. Our school provides education for pupils with special needs-individual tuition and special facilities.


Grund-, Haupt- und Realschule Lorup . Public
Auf der Burg 4-5
26901 Lorup
Website: www.ghrs-lorup.de

Our school is located in a rural area called the "Emsland" in the North-West of Germany near to the Dutch border. There is not much industry, so a lot of young people will have to leave the area if they want to find a job later. Therefore, it is necessary to open up their mind for the European thought. Besides, there is a certain amount of pupils who immigrated from the former Soviet Union because of their German origins. For them it is important as well to get in contact with other European pupils and to use English as the key language for a world wide understanding.

Europäische Schule München. Public
Elise-Aulinger- Strasse 21
81739 Munich
Website: http://www.esmunich.de

Our school ESM - is located in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, in the south of Germany. The school is in Neuperlach, close to the city centre. Neuperlach is an area populated with people coming from different social backgrounds. The ESM is a very big school with 1800 pupils in the kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Only the secondary school (831 pupils) is taking part in the Comenius project. Integrated in our school there are pupils with behavioral and learning difficulties (Acquired Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome, Special Educational Needs). The pupils are different European nationalities. In school life we always try to realize the European mentality and vision through living and working together.


Lycée polyvalent de Cluses. Private school.
11 Rue Marcellin Berthelot
74300 Cluses

Our school is located in CLUSES, in Haute Savoie between Italy and Switzerland.We are about 50 km half way between Annecy and Chamonix, and 50 km from Geneva. Cluses is an industrial city but it’s surrounded by many ski resorts, footpaths and lakes which offer a large range of activities either in summer or in winter as well. Our school has a total of 1500 students: about 400 from 3 to 10 years old, 900 from 11 to 14, and 350 from 15 to 20. We offer general education but also professional education from 15 years old onwards Our professional sections are secretariat, accounting, and vending, for students having trouble with schoolwork. Our students come from various social backgrounds. Our school plan is to promote exchanges to develop the European dimension with working on partners’ culture, everyday life, and language. Our students need to confront other young people from different countries of Europe to give meaning to European citizenship.We also want to promote language learning. We would like to develop our partners’ language learning, such as an introduction to Polish or Rumanian, for example.


Agrupamento Vertical de Escolas do Pinhão. Primary public school
Urbanização da Quinta Amarela, nº 26
5085-038 Pinhao
Website: www.eb23-pinhao.rcts.pt

The school of Pinhão is located in the north of Portugal is approximately 130km west of the second largest city is Oporto, being the heart of the Douro region, internationally renowned for the production of the famous port wine, and heritage of humanity. It is a school that's why it is inserted in an environment with plenty of economic problems, where large areas of development are the production of Port wine, olive oil and now, the tourism. The participation of our school in this project will therefore aim to provide central to their students the knowledge of the different realities of the European Union, living with other young people from different regions of our continent. This will allow them to know other realities, and that the fund is to develop a spirit of unity and cooperation among young European.


Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundsvall. Private general secondary school.
Universitetsallen 26
852 34, Sundsvall
Website: http://www.engelska.se/sundsvall

Internationella Engelska Skolan is one of Sweden’s leading independent schools, “friskolor”. Our aim is to achieve high academic standards and good personal skills: reliability, consideration for others, good manners and self-discipline. We provide a highly focused and disciplined learning environment where each pupil can fulfil his or her potential. Our schools teach students to use English fluently and effectively in reading, writing and speaking. Fifty per cent of our teaching is in English with native English teachers from around the world, creating an international environment. Our first school opened in 1993 in Stockholm and today we have a number of middle schools, grades 6-9, located in Bromma, Enskede, Eskilstuna, Gävle, Järfälla, Jönköping, Karlstad, Linköping, Sundsvall, Täby and Örebro. We also have two junior school beginning with grades four in Enskede and Gävle. Our upper secondary school, “Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet” is located on Södermalm in Stockholm. Internationella Engelska Skolan follows the Swedish national curriculum and all our schools are approved by The Swedish National Agency of Education, “Skolverket”. There are no fees to attend our schools in Sweden.


SCUOLA MEDIA “GIUSEPPE MAZZINI” General secondary public school
91025 Marsala
Website: www.scuolagiuseppemazzini.it

Scuola Media “Giuseppe Mazzini” is a school of 629 students (11 – 13 years old). English is the main language studied. But only for three hours a week. Other languages are French and Spanish for two hours a week each.. The school is in Marsala, a town famous for the wine production that is the main economic activity. Besides, there are agriculture and tourism. Our school is in the centre of the Town, so it isn’t in a disadvantaged area. We think it would be an enrichment to work with other schools, to give the students the opportunity to know other cultures and to use the foreign languages they study in a real situation. For what regards Comenius projects it’s our first time.


Szkoła Podstawowa i Gimnazjum Łódzkiego Stowarzyszenia Oświatowego
ul. Babickiego 15
94-056 Łódź
Website: www.szkolylso.edu.pl

Our school is not a state school - it is run by the Lodz Educational Association and has existed for 18 years. It consists of a primary school (forms 1-6) and gymnasium, i.e. lower - secondary school (forms 7-9). The staff includes 41 teachers. The school is located on the outskirts of Lodz in a large complex of blocks of flats.A particular feature of our school is its private and special, family atmosphere. There are up to sixteen students in each class, which creates good relations. As the focus is on the student, we help a lot of children who have learning difficulties or have difficulty working within a group or come from bilingual families. All our students learn English as their first foreign language and French or German as the second one. An essential characteristic of the school is the constant cooperation with parents who actively participate in the school's everyday life. This strengthens the integration of the school community: students, parents and teachers. Our students come from socially and culturally diverse backgrounds. They live in the city of Lodz as well as the satellite towns and villages. The year 2010 is special for our school as we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of its formation.